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The LIC Waterfront


Let’s start with the LIC waterfront.  It is absolutely beautiful, completely accessible, easy to navigate and has the most spectacular views of the skyline.   As you look out from the waterfront, whether from any of its parks, restaurants or apartments, you will be completely overwhelmed by what you see. The view of the skyline leaves you breathless,  with thousands of  skyscrapers and high-rises stretching the length of Manhattan, and painting an incredible mural of architectural beauty.


The LIC waterfront itself has  recently  been transformed from an industrial brownfield to a modern greenway, giving opportunity to thousands of New Yorkers and visitors to enjoy the area and the great view. It boasts two gorgeously designed parks with greenways, piers, chairs and benches. They provide the perfect setting for skyline watchers. The waterfront is also home to many restaurants and bars serving international cuisine and drinks.  For the fast growing population of Long Island City, several high-rise buildings, offering great views of the parks, river and skyline, have been built  on the waterfront, and as the remnants of this former industrial area give way to a new and burgeoning community,  another major housing development, Hunter Point South, is already rising on the southern side of the waterfront. Indeed, the entire LIC waterfront  with the skyline as the centerpiece, is no longer just an industrial community, but also a great place to live, a destination for visitors, and arguably  the best place in the world to experience the <st1:state w:st="on">New York skyline.



Let’s look at the main business district “Court Square”.  This area is exploding both aethectically and functionally. Its beginning to look like a city by itself.  With multiple high rises sprounting from the roots of this former industrial complex. A walk  down Jackson Avenue could soon become an event by itself


Let’s try to see where this is all headed - East meets West


As Jacksone Avenue continues to be decorated by new skyscappers heading towars the New own Creek,  and the waterfront continues moving South towards the creek, they may very well eventually meet at the creek. If this happens and if it is down right this could become a really amazing destion in New Yorjk City.

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